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Fuleague Management Structure
Quality Control Department

Quality control team is composed of quality engineer and the quality inspector, they will act according to the client's request and quality control plan of the project standard manufacture, The inspector will carry on the quality restriction and the control from raw material to the end product, which finally guarantees to product the manufacture meeting the need.

Market Sales Department

Market sale team is composed of the enthusiastic and the sincere seller, they know the different market demand, and the different client's purchase custom, They will listen attentively to your real demand, explain all questions with every effort for you, and simultaneously also give you reasonable suggestion according to our understanding to the market and the products, which will make your purchase relaxed and happy.

Product Design Development

Project development team is composed of experienced engineer, they act according to the company and the customer to the product     localization to work out the specialized production decision, the technique of production and the standard. Simultaneously they are responsible for the new product development, the improvement of the product and the technique of production unceasingly, Meanwhile they also solve all problems which appeared in the production process.

Trade Capacity & Export Market
Fuleague are a specialized modern household goods supplier, Our factory was begining in 2005, at first modern classic furniture is our main business. After 15 years of development, now fuleague is a comprehensive group, we can product full range of household goods.  We have 4 different factories located in Guangdong, they can provide modern furniture, classic furniture, modern designer lamp, fiberglass furniture, and we have our own carton factory. Our factory managers and engineers have 20 years furniture and lamp production experience, no matter what the development of new products or the management of production, we have special and effective method to handle.