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Floor Lamps

Floor lamp is a tall lamp, which can be placed on the floor of the room. If it has a solid baseplate, it will make the floor lamp more stable. Of course, floor lamp will make your house brighter and more beautiful, because its special lighting will make your living room look more stylish. Fuleague standing lamp can provide bright light for every corner of your room. A beautiful floor lamps for living room would make your life happy.

We have floor lamps of various shapes and colors for you to choose from. You can choose a floor lamp according to the theme and design of your room. We have stand up lamp for living room, tall floor lamps for bedroom, bright floor lamp for office, floor lamp for dining room table, floor lamp for home office, floor lamp for study room. You could find various types of standing lamps here. Choose the right floor lamp, which will make your room warmer and more comfortable. Buy floor lamp online on Fuleague now!

Stand Up Lamps for Sale​​

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What Are the Types of Standing Lamps?​​

There are many types of standing lamps. Floor lamp is an important element of living room decoration. It not only has functionality, but also provides the role of home decoration. Below we will introduce some stand up lamp styles you can choose.

Torchiere style floor lamp is a special style floor lamp. Torchiere style floor lamps can guide the light to the ceiling through the hood, so it can form beautiful light on the ceiling.

  • ​Club style floor lamp is a common style. The light can naturally scatter on the ground, so that you can have a warm chat night.
  • ​Glass tray floor lamp is a special style because this kind of glass standard lamps can integrate with the tea table and save more space in your house.
  • ​Tower style floor lamp is a lamp with a strong sense of art. From Asian style to European style, tower floor lamp can have the style of various cultures. Tower shade floor lamp is the focus of home design and is an eye-catching artwork in the workplace.

Of course, there are more styles of floor lamps worthy of your possession. Our floor lamps have a variety of styles for you to choose from. Buy standard lamp now!

What is the Purpose of the Floor Light?

There are many purposes to buy floor lamps. It is an important element of commercial space or family entertainment. First of all, the lighting task of home is the most important. The tall and bright floor lamps allow us to enjoy a night of coffee and reading. Secondly, the aesthetics of floor lamp is also unparalleled. A unique and stylish floor lamps for living room is an eye-catching art in the living room. 

There are many styles from classic style to modern fashion floor lamp. The most significant thing is that the installation of tall floor standing lights is also very convenient. Finally, there may be many light sources in your room. Tall, bright floor lamps can assist the main lights to make your house light more romantic and more changeable at night. If you want to buy standing lamp, here it is!

Stylish Floor Lamps for Living Room​

Fashionable and stylish floor lamp is our goal. It can bring you more enjoyment of home life. Our floor lamp has a variety of fashionable styles. It is not only an independent lamp, but also a hint to change the room decoration. Do you like fashion or classic standing lamp? For nearly a century, simple designs floor lamps are worthy of your attention, but classical floor lamps are also deeply loved by people, but there are cold tone industrial standing lamps that make you happy. Finally, choosing the right style floor lamps should be based on the overall decoration theme of your house. 

If you feel it difficult to choose, please do not hesitate to consult our customer service. Want to buy floor lamps? Fuleague has various kinds of stand up lamps for sale! 

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