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  • Camaleonda sofa by mario bellini | camaleonda sofa replica | Fuleague



    The Camaleonda Sofa was designed by Mario Bellini in the 1970s. Seat High density moulded injection PU foam is very comfortable. The modular design of the sofa, According to different space requirements, different modules can be combined into different sectional sofa or couch, the armrest and backrest can be freely disassembled, and the flexible combination brings a novel environmental experience.

  • Tracking Details for order 2022000320



    Order No.: 2022000320
    Latest Status: on Production

  • Tracking Details for order 2022000318



    Order No.: 2022000318
    Latest Status: on Production

  • What Are the Selecting Skills for Small Sleeper Couch?



    Small sleeper couch is a problem that we pay more attention to in interior decoration now. When we come home after a busy day and lie on our small sleeper couch, is it a very happy thing? So what are the purchasing skills of small sleeper couches?

  • Living Room Sofa Bed Selection Skills and Advantages



    In modern home decoration design, the decoration design of the living room is very important. The living room is the leader of the whole interior. The decoration effect of the living room directly affects the decoration effect of the whole interior, which symbolizes the taste and preferences of the occupants, and the living room is our entertainment and leisure. The area is a venue for receiving relatives and friends. When it comes to living room decoration, the sofa plays an extremely important role. Nowadays, many families choose sofa beds, which have many functions. So how to choose a sofa bed?

  • Tracking Details for order 20220402001



    Order No.: 20220402001
    Latest Status: On the boat,The ship has sailed on June 9, and the estimated time of arriving in destination port is June 23

  • Tracking Details for order FPI20201014001



    Order No.: FPI20201014001 replacement
    Latest Status: Arrive at Alashankou and wait for a change of loading

  • Tracking Details for order 2022000313



    Order No.: 2022000313
    Latest Status: Loaded in the container, waiting for sailing.

  • Tracking Details for order 2022000310



    Order No.: 2022000310
    Latest Status: The ship has sailed on 6/20 and is expected to arrive in port on 7/3

  • What Are the Advantages of the Sofa Bed? How to Choose?



    With the development of society, people's living standards continue to improve. Many people are more particular about food, clothing and housing, especially the things used at home. Such as furniture, home appliances. When it comes to furniture sofa beds, everyone is familiar with them. This is a multifunctional sofa that is suitable for use in many environments, so it is loved by consumers. People's preferences and family situations are different, and their requirements for sofa beds are also different. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of different consumers, there are many styles of sofa beds on the market. So what are the advantages of a sofa bed?