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Are Night Lamps Harmful to Children?

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With the progress of society, most people do not go to bed early at night, and nightlife becomes more colorful. Many families choose small night lamps for auxiliary lighting. Whenever it's night, have you ever encountered such a dilemma: After turning off the main light in the bedroom, a darkness is left in front of your eyes, and at this time, if you turn on the indoor lamp, the bright light is too dazzling. All these troubles can be easily solved with only a night lamp.

Ⅰ. The role of night table lamp

As one of the major home furniture, the night table lamp can provide auxiliary lighting before and after sleeping. And it can provide a visual light source for the user's home environment for a long or short time. Although the light is not strong, it can clearly see all the objects in the room, which is convenient for living at night, and also provides short-term companionship for children who are afraid of the dark before going to bed.

The night table lamp also plays a supporting role in clinical nursing work. In daily nursing work, operations such as intravenous infusion and blood pressure measurement at night often affect the rest of other patients due to switching lights. The bedside lamp in the ward also affects the sleep of patients after surgery or continuous infusion at night due to the light, repeated switching or long-term lighting. For small-scale, short-term lighting needs, the night table lamp has a very good effect. And the key is to choose a reliable supplier. As a professional home lighting manufacturer, Fuleague provides various table lights of good quality.

Ⅱ. Is the night table lamp harmful to children?

Children's physical development may be affected by many factors. Turning on the night lamp can relieve the child's fear of the dark night. However, some parents are still thinking about this question: Are night lamps harmful to children?

1. The influence of night lamps on the biological clock. Many parents believe that the night lamp will have a certain impact on the children's biological clock, resulting in children unable to form a normal life pattern. In fact, as a weak light source, the night table lamp has little effect on children's sleep rhythm. And children form rhythms faster than we thought. There are many factors that affect the biological clock, so attention should be paid to other aspects of daily life to be scientific and reasonable.

2. The effect of night lamp on melatonin. Melatonin has a certain effect on human development, rhythm, tumor metastasis, etc. If its secretion is inhibited by light, it will reduce the secretion of growth hormone in children. However, the light of night table lamps is generally soft and weak, and it does not have much impact on children in this aspect. So there is no need to worry about the harmful effects of night lamps on children's melatonin secretion.

3. The effect of night desk lamp sleep quality. Some parents worry that children's sleep quality will be affected by the lighting of the night table lamp, but under normal circumstances, children's sleep is still regular and will not be easily disturbed by the outside world. Therefore, the night table lamp does not have an excessive effect on children's sleep quality. If your child is afraid to sleep in the dark, you can choose to buy a night desk lamp with soft light and avoid direct light to your child's eyes.

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