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Can the USB Desk Lamp Be Used While Charging? Can It Be Directly Plugged into the Power Supply?

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In home decoration, lamps are an indispensable part. Nowadays, the use of table lamps is very common. It can be placed in the bedroom, study, bedside table and other lighting at home to provide convenience for people's lives. With the development of the times, there are more and more types of table lamps, such as the popular USB table lamps on the market. How about the USB desk lamp?

Ⅰ. About the USB desk lamp

The so-called USB table light is to connect a USB device to the port of the desk lamp, which can be connected to the computer, and the lighting can be carried out by the way of transmitting power from the computer. The USB desk lamp is equipped with a lithium battery inside, using LED (light emitting diode) as the light source, and also has the functions of USB charging and lithium battery storage. The hose of the desk lamp is generally made of metal, which can be adjusted at will, the irradiated light is soft, and the service cycle is long.

Ⅱ. Can the USB desk lamp be used while charging?

1. As one of the major home furniture, the USB desk lamp can be used while charging. Because the desk lamp is equipped with a protection circuit and a battery management circuit, which can automatically adjust the charging current according to the actual situation of the battery and the load.

2. But it is best not to use it while charging, which will easily shorten the life of the lamp. Sometimes there will be a popping sound when using the power supply when charging, so that the plug of the lamp is easy to short-circuit.

3. Although the lamp may not be burnt out when using it while charging, but there is a certain risk, which will have a certain impact on the battery's storage capacity. So if you have conditions, it is best not to use it while charging.

4. It is best to use up the power of the USB desk lamp and then charge it again. USB desk lamps generally have a relatively long service life. If it is not for excessive voltage or short circuit, most of them will not burn out.

Ⅲ. Can the USB desk lamp be directly plugged into the power supply?

1. The USB desk lamp is best to be charged on the socket by connecting the charger. The charger is a step-down device that can convert the household power supply into a suitable power source and current.

2. The USB desk lamp is mainly used in the miniature charging desk lamp with the USB interface of the desktop computer or the notebook computer. Of course, there are also portable desk lamps with direct charging sockets. As a professional home lighting manufacturer, Fuleague provides table lights of good quality.

3. The USB desk lamp is a mini rechargeable desk lamp with the USB interface of a desktop or laptop computer, which is connected to the computer through the computer's USB interface. The light is relatively soft, and most USB desk lamps can adjust the brightness of the light, and the multi-level control can be changed as needed, which is very convenient.

4. The USB port on the computer can provide external equipment with a voltage of 5 volts and a current of 500 mA. The USB charging desk lamp is a small desk lamp with a USB interface that provides power. This kind of desk lamp does not occupy a small space, saves electricity, and is suitable for office workers or students.

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