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Do You Know the Height Matching of Accent Chair for Desk?

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1. Get to know the accent chair for desk together

A chair is a kind of daily life furniture, a kind of seat with backrest and armrests. Modern chairs pursue aesthetics and fashion, and some chairs are no longer just used as seats, but with the combination of science and technology, human life is more convenient. Tables are furniture or office utensils for reading, writing, eating, and arranging items. The earliest tables were short and small desks and tables, and chairs were used to match them. People have been making and using accent chairs for desks since ancient times. Until now, in the past, generally speaking, the higher the status of the individual, the higher and more gorgeous his chair, which is a symbol of honor. And now the accent chair for desk is used by us a lot, and it has become an indispensable item in our life. Students need an accent chair for desk to go to school, and our office and study also need an accent chair for desk, so now the accent chair for desk has become a necessities of our life. So do you know how the accent chair for desk should be highly matched? Fuleague has collected some information about it for you.

2. What are the heights of the accent chair for desk?

The accent chair for desk is extremely practical, and its comfort is the main criterion for measuring the quality of a chair. For an accent chair for desk that is mainly based on sitting, the depth of the seat surface should be equal to the length of the thigh, and the bend of the knee joint after sitting down just reaches the side of the chair. The seat surface is too deep, the lower back has no place, the seat surface is too shallow, and the thighs do not have enough support, which is uncomfortable. So what is the height of the accent chair for desk?

The single desk can be used with a table top of 600mmX1100mm and a table height of 710 to 750mm. The countertop to the bottom of the drawer should not exceed 125mm. Otherwise, you will hit your leg when you get up. For desks against the wall, a 100mm light trough can be set on the wall at a distance of 450mm from the table top, and the above can be used as a bookcase or jewelry rack, so that when writing, the light pipe cannot be seen, but the table top has sufficient light. For desks used by children under the age of 14, the table top should be at least 400mmX500mm, and the height should be 580 to 710mm, and the accent chair for desk should also be matched. In fact, it is not difficult to make a lift table, the height of the chair is about 450 to 500, and the width is 400 to 500.

The accent chair for desk is really a very valuable and important item for us modern people, and now the size, height requirements of the chair and the matching of the accent chair for desk are very particular, the accent chair for desk is not only available It is used for reading and writing, and it is often used even in daily life. With the enrichment of our life content, the role of accent chair for desk is getting bigger and bigger.

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