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How to Avoid the Risk in Home Furnishing Online Shopping?

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With the development of e-commerce, furniture has also been purchased online. At present, a large number of professional home furniture online shops have emerged. According to incomplete statistics, the furniture online shopping market has reached 15 billion yuan last year and will continue to maintain rapid growth this year. So how can consumers avoid the risks in home online shopping?

1. Pay attention to both the price and the quality for home furnishing online shopping

Things on the Internet are not all cheap, and there are reasons for cheap things. Especially for furniture, I don't dare to buy bargains. You should pay more attention to materials, environmental protection and comfort when shopping online.

Home furnishing online shopping is a life-long system. It does not mean that you will say goodbye to this brand after you buy furniture. The after-sales of furniture is also important. Nowadays, there are many big brands on home furnishing online shops that provide furniture maintenance. For example, you buy a certain brand of furniture,and the furniture is guaranteed once a year. It will repair the paint and maintain the sofa, which is basic maintenance provided by big brands. If it is an unknown workshop, you may not be able to find the other party when you need after-sales. .

2. For home furnishing online shopping, there is also a discount period

Home furnishing online shopping should also be planned in advance. Generally, you will start watching before you pick up the house. Generally, you will choose a few brands, remember the price, and ask them when they will be discounted. Home furniture online shop will generally offer discounts along with large-scale events. Part of it is the big discounts at the anniversary. You can contact the sales consultant to ensure that you can buy your favorite furniture at a super low price.

3. Be sure to measure the size before home furnishing online shopping

Home furnishing online shopping is not as intuitive as a physical store. You may have to learn the size of the furniture in advance. For example, when you buy a home lamp, you didn't understand the size at the beginning. When you install it, you find that it is different from what you think. At this time, it is impossible to change the household lamp. It can only be returned. It is best to ask the customer service for all the dimensions of the household lamp and measure it at home. Because some furniture is too big, it may not be able to enter the elevator and home.

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