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How to Choose a Computer Chair

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Our daily work has become more and more inseparable from the use of computers, and many things we do need to be done in front of the computer. But after we use the computer for a long time, if we don't have a comfortable computer chair, we will definitely have back pain. And more and more people will feel tired or even suffer from cervical spondylosis during long-term computer use. So a good computer chair and good sitting posture are very important. So how to choose a computer chair?

Ⅰ. Understand the computer chair

Computer chairs have been widely used in people's work and study and production places. It has certain ergonomics and is beneficial to health. A commonly used swivel chair that controls the up and down of the seat cushion through an air pressure lever. The seat is divided into three parts: cushion, air pressure rod and wheel. There is a cylinder in the air pressure rod, and the up and down movement of the piston rod in the cylinder controls the lifting and lowering of the swivel chair. The pneumatic rod is filled with nitrogen gas. The principle of the air pressure chair is like a balloon that has not yet reached the critical point of explosion. When it is squeezed, the internal pressure increases, and when it exceeds the critical point, it may explode. Fuleague could provide you high quality computer chairs.

The basic principle of its operation is to fill the airtight cylinder with inert gas or oil-air mixture with a certain pressure difference with the outside atmospheric pressure, and then use the pressure difference on the cross section of the piston rod to complete the free movement of the gas spring. The gas spring is an elastic element with gas and liquid as the working medium. It is composed of a pressure tube, a piston, a piston rod and a number of connecting parts, and its interior is filled with high-pressure nitrogen.

Ⅱ. What should I pay attention to when buying a computer chair?

1. Observe the cushion. General computer chairs are sponge cushions. The cost of a good seat cushion is higher, so some businesses make a fuss about the seat cushion in order to reduce the cost, such as reducing the thickness of the sponge, or the strength of the material is not enough. A good seat cushion is generally thicker and has a sunken arc curve to fit the person's buttocks. In addition, a good seat cushion has better elasticity. If the seat cushion is thin, it will be uncomfortable to sit on. If the seat cushion is thick but not elastic, the merchant may have used a poor material.

2. Sitting. If the design of the computer chair is reasonable, the chair is generally more comfortable to sit, and the seat cushion part has good acceptance and tolerance, and will not feel uncomfortable.

3. The backrest should be reliable. The backrest of some chairs is relatively loose, which makes noise when leaning back, and such computer chairs are easily damaged.

4. Handrails. Try placing your hand on the armrest of the computer chair to see if the height is comfortable.

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