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How to Choose a Study Chair?

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Correcting children's sitting habits has become the key to solving the problem, and a good children's study chair is also very important. However, many people are still very vague about the concept of children's ergonomics, and even think that as long as the desktop can be adjusted in height and angle, it is ergonomics. Tables and chairs are not conducive to the growth of children. So what kind of chair to choose is the most suitable for the child's body, so as to help the child develop the correct sitting habit?

Ⅰ. Look at the seat height, depth and cushion of the study chair

In order to avoid excessive pressure under the thighs, the height of the seat front of the study chair to the ground or the footrest should not be greater than the distance from the sole of the foot to the bend of the thigh. The size of the seat depth should meet the following three conditions: 

1. The hips are fully supported. 

2. The waist is supported by the backrest. 

3. There is an appropriate distance between the front edge of the seat and the calf to ensure that the thigh muscles are not squeezed and the calf can move freely.

The cushion of the study chair is very important, it directly determines the comfort of the chair, so the hardness of the cushion should be moderate: a certain cushioning of the seat surface is required. Because it can increase the contact area between the buttocks and the seat surface, thereby reducing uneven pressure distribution. The height of the general seat cushion is 25mm. In addition, the surface material of the seat cushion should be made of fiber material, which is not only breathable, but also reduces the body sliding.

Ⅱ. Look at the inclination of the seat surface of the study chair

The function of the back tilt of the seat surface of the learning chair:

1. In general, the greater the inclination angle of the seat surface, the higher the pressure ratio of the backrest sharing the seat surface;

2. The lower limb muscle force is reduced, and the fatigue degree is reduced;

3. Prevent the hips from gradually sliding out of the seat surface and cause poor sitting stability. Generally, the seat inclination angle of the study chair is 0 to 5°, and the recommended seat inclination angle of the study chair is 3 to 4°. Fuleague has affordable study chairs of high quality, buy study chairs on Fuleague!

Ⅲ. Look at the back of the study chair

As an important part of the study chair, we need to pay special attention to two aspects when selecting the backrest:

1. The size standard of the backrest: the width of the backrest should be no more than 325-375mm; the height of the backrest depends on the different functions of the chair.

2. Design standard of the backrest: The design of the backrest of the learning chair should be designed with a certain curvature according to the characteristics of the back of the human body. The backrest of the chair is designed into an "S"-shaped curve, which is basically consistent with the curvature of the human spine, and maintains a backrest inclination angle of 100°-105°.

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