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How to Clean and Maintain a Leather Sofa?

By: | By:Fuleague | Published time: 2022-09-08 | 1156 Views | Share:

More and more people like to sit on the sofa and watch TV or chat with people at home. Of course, leather sofas are more common furniture. Because the leather sofa looks more gorgeous, has a higher grade and sits comfortably, many people like leather sofas. Among them, durability, etc., have always been the superior characteristics of leather sofas. However, if you buy it for a long time, you will find that the leather sofa is ugly. How to maintain the leather sofa is a very important part. So how to clean the leather sofa?

1. How to clean the leather sofa?

(1) If the leather sofa has slight dirt, you can use "furniture maintenance wax" to directly clean and care. You can carefully spray some protective wax with a rag, and then spread it evenly. That way, you can clean up the dirt. Of course, it can also be scrubbed with water.

(2) When the leather sofa is contaminated by chewing gum or oil stains, it is actually a serious pollution. In this case, the sofa will become more and more dull, and there is no original luster. And these dirt will slowly penetrate into the pores of the leather of your leather and fabric sofa. Then it's getting harder to clean. At this time, steam cleaners and sofa cleaners can be used to clean the sofa. This way it can be cleaned. Of course, some sofas will fade. So when cleaning a sofa with a sofa steamer, first test it in an inconspicuous place to see if the leather will fade. If it fades, you have to use other methods.

(3) After cleaning, apply protective liquid on the sofa to prevent dirt from penetrating into the pores of the leather again, causing secondary pollution. The protective liquid is preferably a liquid soft wax for leather sofas, otherwise the leather layer will harden and age rapidly. And if you want to buy a leather sofa, then you could go to Fuleague home furnishing online store.

2. How to maintain the leather sofa?

(1) The key to the maintenance of leather sofa with armchair is to keep the leather pores unobstructed, so it should be cleaned frequently to prevent the pores on the leather surface from being blocked by dust. And don't always keep the room ventilated, too dry or wet environment will accelerate the aging of the leather.

(2) In order to reduce fading, do not let the sun shine directly on the leather sofa or let the sofa exposed to the sun for a long time. If the living room is often exposed to more light, you can adjust the position of several sofas to prevent chromatic aberration from time to time. If your room has a lot of humidity, you can let the sofas exposed to weak sunlight between 8am and 10am for 7 days, 1 hour a day, for about 3 months.

(3) In order to prolong the service life, avoid children jumping and playing on the leather sofa, and they should not directly touch the sofa with sweat.

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