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How to Identify the Genuine Leather Sofa and the Points That Need to Be Paid Attention to when Using It

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In order to make the interior decoration look more beautiful and beautiful, we will buy all kinds of furniture for the interior decoration. The sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture in our interior decoration. With the sofa, our home will not look so low-key, and when there are guests at home, we can also entertain guests on the sofa. There are also many types of sofas. Now leather sofas are more common at home. Leather sofas are loved by consumers with their unique advantages and are widely used in our lives. So how to identify genuine and fake leather sofa?

1. How to identify genuine and fake leather sofas?

After the leather sofa is finished, you can touch it with your hands and press for identification. The leather sofa feels softer and warmer when you touch it by hand. There is also a genuine leather sofa with bright appearance, freshness, soft texture, and water resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. The cowhide leather is soft and thick, and the quality is the best. The sofa is generally made of buffalo leather, which is thicker and more affordable. The better ones are yellow cowhide and green cowhide. The texture of horse skin and donkey skin is similar to that of cowhide, but the surface skin is loose and easy to peel off after a long time, so it is not durable, so the price is cheap.

Leather sofas are relatively common in our current interior decoration. Everyone will buy leather sofas for their own homes. It is recommended that when buying leather sofas for your own home in a home furnishing online store, you should combine the decoration style of your home and the advantages of leather sofas. Disadvantages, to decide whether the leather sofa is suitable for our home.

2. A few points to pay attention to when using leather sofa

When using the leather sofa, we can only ensure the correct use method and regular maintenance to ensure the service life of the leather sofa. When you buy a leather sofa home or do , please use leather simulation oil to maintain it immediately. Since the leather of the leather sofa usually takes several months, or more than a year, or a longer period of time, from the leather factory, to the sofa factory, and then to the dealer to sell it to consumers, so after the leather sofa is purchased home. It should be maintained with leather simulation oil immediately, and maintained once in 1 to 6 months in the future, so that the leather sofa will return to the soft, beautiful and plump when it just came out of the tannery.

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