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How to Properly Install the Wires of the Dining Room Pendant Light Fixtures?

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Dining room pendant light fixtures are a type of lamps that are very suitable for restaurants. After purchasing dining room pendant light fixtures, correct installation is very important, so what are some installation methods and precautions for wires of dining room pendant light fixtures?

Ⅰ. Wire installation steps for dining room pendant light fixtures

1. Preparation for installing the drill bit: When preparing to install the drill bit of the dining room pendant light fixtures, you must choose a suitable electric drill, because the hole on the ceiling is generally 6mm. If the size of the electric drill is not suitable, the pendant lamps cannot be installed. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable electric drill specification during installation.

2. Find the hole position on the top plate of the suction cup: remove the hanging plate from the suction cup → align the suction cup → install the screw, note: if the vacancy has not been aligned, pay attention to adjust the position of the screw.

3. Drilling: After the hole position is determined, you can drill. When drilling, you must pay attention to the depth of the hole, which cannot exceed 6mm at most.

4. Install the expansion screw: insert the expansion screw into the hole, and knock it in with a hammer to ensure its tightness and ensure that the subsequent pendant lamps will not hang down during use.

5. Fix the hanging board: completely embed the expansion screws into the wall, and then fix the hanging board. When doing this, be sure to install the hanging board firmly, and the wood screws cannot be offset.

6. Fix the ceiling plate and the lamp body: Connect the hanging plate and the ceiling plate with screws. After the screws are screwed, the ceiling plate can be fixed. This step still needs to fix the ceiling plate firmly.

7. Lampshade installation: Although the installation of the lampshade is simple, it must ensure that its various decorative pendants will not fall off during subsequent use, and also ensure that the entire dining room pendant light fixtures are well decorated after installation. Fuleague has collected these information on pendant lights, if you want to know more about it, access to it!

Ⅱ. Precautions for wire installation of dining room pendant light fixtures

If there are multiple dining room pendant light fixtures during installation, pay attention to their positions and lengths. Pendant lamps can be installed at the same time as the ceiling is installed, so that the position and height of the lamps can be adjusted based on the ceiling grille. The hanging rod out of the ceiling can be directly out of the method and the method of adding casing. The method of adding a meeting pipe is conducive to installation, which can ensure the integrity of the ceiling panel, and only drill holes at the position where the pipe needs to be exited. Sometimes it is possible to install the boom first and then cut off the panel to dig holes for installation, but it will affect the decorative effect. The boom of dining room pendant light fixtures should have a certain length of thread for height adjustment. The pendant lamps box is hung under the sling boom, and attention should be paid to the reliability of the connection.

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