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Some Knowledge About USB Table Light

By: | By:Fuleague | Published time: 2021-09-21 | 1376 Views | Share:

Ⅰ. The advantages of a USB table light

1. The USB desk lamp is small and light. It adopts a metal hose and can be adjusted in shape at will. It does not take up too much space and is easy to carry when traveling.

2. The USB desk lamp uses a lithium battery inside, which has a power storage function. It can be used for 3 to 6 hours without charging, and it is treated with a special device to prevent leakage.

3. The USB desk lamp has a beautiful appearance, diverse styles, and low price, which can be used as gifts and collectibles.

4. The USB desk lamp has a wide range of applications. The USB sockets can not only connect to computers, but some of them can also connect to mobile power supplies and mobile phones, which is very convenient. It is suitable for a wide range of people, especially children and teenagers.

Ⅱ. Can the USB table light be charged with a power bank?

1. The USB desk lamp can be connected to a power bank. The USB desk lamp is a portable lighting tool that can be connected to any USB power supply equipment, including mobile power supplies.

2. When buying a USB table light, be careful not to choose a glare type, because glare will increase the difficulty of reading, and easily cause eye fatigue, soreness or headaches.

3. When choosing a USB desk lamp, it is best to choose a USB desk lamp with a high-frequency electronic ballast. And it should be noted that the higher the number of flashes per second, the higher the frequency, the less damage to the user's eyesight.

4. When purchasing a USB desk lamp, it is best to choose a desk lamp that can adjust the angle. Because you need to adjust the brightness and angle of the desk lamp during use, until you find the most comfortable way, be careful not to just turn the lamp to the brightest.

5. In addition, as one of the major home furniture, the light's reflector is vital. Pay attention to whether the modeling achieves an excellent light distribution effect, can evenly distribute the light on the desktop, whether the material will cause strong reflections on the eyes, etc. These details are related to the use of the USB desk lamp.

Ⅲ. How to use the USB desk lamp?

The use of USB desk lamps is very simple. Most of these desk lamps are miniature, small and exquisite. Every desk lamp has a USB interface, which can be directly connected to a computer and a mobile power supply. The light of the desk lamp is soft and will not harm human eyes, and there are two switches to adjust the brightness.

As a professional home lighting manufacturer, Fuleague provides table lights of good quality. Generally, the computer USB interface provides little power to the external equipment, and the safety is high. Moreover, the USB desk lamp does not take up too much space, which is simple and convenient.

The USB desk lamp is equipped with a protection circuit and a battery management circuit, which can automatically adjust the charging current according to the actual conditions of the battery and the load. But it is best not to use it while charging, which will easily shorten the life of the USB desk lamp.

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