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The Best Choice for the Elderly are Cane Back Dining Chairs

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Dining chairs will create a truly excellent and comfortable atmosphere around your dining table. What's more, they're super easy to design regardless of your space. Don't forget, if you're using dining chairs, you may want to double-check the spacing so as to make sure the chairs have enough room to tuck in, as the thickness of the table top will take up some of the space that could be used for the armrests.

1. Learn about the high back dining chairs

High back dining chairs like high back plastic dining chairs could provide better support for the head, neck, and shoulders than other types of chairs. They are better for the back, from the base of the neck all the way to the waist (which is often overlooked when it comes to support). Some people believe that high back dining chairs are simply more comfortable than armchairs or upright lounge chairs, offering an ergonomic design that makes sitting more comfortable and relaxing. Most high back dining chairs are adjustable, usually to provide an extra height for people with leg and back problems.

2. The elderly should choose cane back dining chairs

The cane chairs are both breathable and elastic. It is best to choose cane chairs with backrests and ottomans, so that the legs can be laid flat to prevent ischemia of the lower extremities. Relevant experts believe that compared with hard benches, cane back dining room chairs are the preferred seating for the elderly, and adding a soft cushion is better. Experts explained that there is a small protrusion under the sciatic bones of the human pelvis, called the sciatic tubercle, and there is a bursa at the top. When a person sits down, the bursa will secrete mucus when it comes into contact with the sitting object, which acts as a buffer, so as to reduce discomfort when in contact with hard objects. With the increase of age, the hip muscles of the elderly gradually atrophy, the bursa on the sciatic tubercle also undergoes degenerative changes, the secretion of mucus decreases, and the buffering capacity decreases.

If you sit on a hard bench for a long time, it will induce ischial tuberosity bursitis. Especially the emaciated elderly are more prone to such damage. Soft chairs or soft sofas can also cause muscle strain to the elderly. When the body is stuck in the chair, the curvature of the human spine is large, which increases the burden on the muscles of the lower back. For the elderly with relatively loose bones, there is also a certain risk. Therefore, the elderly should choose cane back dining room chairs that are both breathable and elastic. The cane back dining room chairs are equipped with an ottoman, so that the legs can be laid flat to prevent lower extremity ischemia. Experts also emphasize that no matter what chair you sit on, the most important thing is to change your sitting position frequently.

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