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The Difference Between Office Furniture and Home Furniture

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Furniture can be divided into office furniture and home furniture according to its purpose. These two types of furniture products have great differences in design, style, structure, color, and function. Therefore, the key content that needs to be paid attention to in the purchase process will also be different, and the purchase of office furniture is definitely more difficult than the purchase of home furniture.

1. The space difference between office furniture and home furniture

The office furniture is used in the office, while the home furniture is used in your home.Therefore, the utilization rate of office furniture is higher, and the density of furniture is greater. Whether the number of the office furniture or users is larger, So the match of it is much more difficult than that of home furniture.

2. The life difference between office furniture and home furniture

The use time of office furniture is about three to four times as long as that of home furniture. so office furniture is more easily damaged, and long use time will inevitably shorten its service life. Therefore, when choosing office furniture, the requirements for materials and craftsmanship are higher, otherwise there are always problems of one kind or another in the use process, which not only affects the use effect, but also has a certain impact on the company's operating costs.

3. The functional difference between office furniture and home furniture

Most of the functions of home furniture are decoration or other basic functions. For example, a dining table, whose function is to be used by people to eat, and tableware can be placed. However, office furniture, such as desks, must not only be able to place electrical equipment such as computers, printers, and fax machines, but also have certain storage functions, writing and negotiation functions, so the function is very important when buying office furniture. These are the differences between office furniture and home furniture, and why office furniture is more difficult to choose than home furniture.

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