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The Difference Between Shop Lamp and Home Lamp

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1. The difference between shop lamp and home lamp

Shop lamp and household lamp have different characteristics and differences due to different application places. Shop lamp is mainly used for shop lighting, hotel lighting, supermarket lighting, etc., and is mainly used for lighting of space environments for commercial applications. Shop lamp mainly includes ceiling spotlight, downlight, recessed spotlight, wall washer spotlight, etc. Home lamp is home furnishing and belongs to the category of furniture. It mainly refers to the lighting fixture used for home decoration. Home lamp includes stylized decorative chandelier, ceiling lamp, kitchen and bathroom lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, and household downlight products.

When decorating a store, purchase the shop lamp with suitable design according to your own different styles. Then consider the heating and cooling of the light, the brightness of the light source, and the usage rate and life of the lamp. Household lamps also need to be selected according to the decoration style of the home. Home lamps are also types of home furniture, so you need to consider carefully when choosing home lamp. It's just that home lamp is home furnishing, and it is different from shop lamp in choosing lighting effects.

2. The lighting design of shop lamp

Lighting can determine the visual tone of the store. The shopping and leisure space of shops should be uniform and soft, and the lighting of the shop lamp should be uniformly arranged, neat and symmetrical, creating a classic, generous, simple and clear visual tone. The key parts are highlighted in the lighting, which constitutes the visual center of the shop and exhibition hall. After planning the general lighting, select the local key lighting to make the product or store image that needs to be displayed more eye-catching. Use the sensitive changes of store lights to match the store layout to make it easier for customers to pay attention to this part of the product.

The store uses store lights to illuminate the atmosphere, creating a distinctive sense of space. Different areas should have different lighting plans, and the effects of lighting can also be used to distinguish spatial functions, such as window, counter, roundabout. Each area can choose different scene lighting from lighting control and consumer psychological coordination.

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