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What Are the Principles of Placing Table Lights for the Living Room?

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Now everyone likes to use the lighting in the home, the demand for desk lamps is not so strong. The more common is the night light in the bedroom or the desk lamp on the desk. Few people will place the desk lamp in the living room. But the role of the living room table lamp is not only to illuminate, but also to have a great effect as a decorative object. For the living room, the decoration of the living room table lamp should be greater than the practicality of the function. So no matter which space in the home, you can use a table lamp to create a warm atmosphere at home. So how should the table lamps in the living room be placed? What are the methods?

Ⅰ. The choice of table lights for living room

The size of the table light in the living room is too large, requiring high-grade. The desk lamp in the bedroom is too small, and the lighting is required to be soft, which can create a warm feeling. Living room table lamps and bedroom lighting fixtures cover a wide range of choices. Floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps have good decorative matching effects in these spaces. Different types of lamps have completely different decorative effects. The living room table lamp is characterized by its small size and high flexibility, and the material mix and match of the lampshade and lamp holder fully realizes the possibility of lamp decoration.

Ⅱ. The principle of placing the table lights for living room

1. In the living room, we need to pay attention to the lighting of the table lamp. We must pay attention to this point, and another is the placement of positions. When laying out the desk lamps in the living room, the lighting should not be arranged close to the sofa. This will affect the vision of guests and family members.

2. In addition, when purchasing table lights for living room, we have to choose the material, shape and collocation of the table lamp according to the decoration layout of the living room. The table lamp in the living room is best to use a round or square table lamp, try not to use other shapes. As for the materials of the living room table lamps, metal table lamps, wooden table lamps, ceramic table lamps, etc. are all better choices. As a professional home lighting manufacturer, Fuleague provides various table lights of good quality.

3. Whether it is the desk lamp in the living room or the desk lamp in other rooms, most of us will choose warm-toned lighting, which can make the whole home look warmer. You must not use colored table lamps, especially table lamps with red light sources, as this will make the owner too excited and easy to produce anxious emotions. Because we mainly consider the color of the light source of the table lamp in the living room, the color of the table lamp is actually the color of the light source of the table lamp.

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