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What Do You Need to Pay Attention to when You Buy Lamp Online?

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Online shopping has become one of the main ways for people to shop. Lamps are also one of the types of home furniture. Now many people buy lamps at home lighting online shop, and you can place the order to Chinese lighting supplier or factory directly, because it is often cheaper. So, what do you need to pay attention to when buying lights on the home lighting online shop?

1. To buy lamp, pay attention to the information 

Because the home lighting online shop is different from the physical store, you can't directly see and touch the actual lamps, you can only understand the situation of the goods through pictures or videos, so you must pay attention to the proportion of product pictures, color difference and other factors when you buy lamp. You should choose products with certificate of conformity or formally certified products. Because lamps are also one of home furniture types, it is necessary to avoid the difference between the lamps you buy and the expected effects, which will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

2. To buy lamp, pay attention to after-sales protection

When choosing different lamps, many consumers pay too much attention to the appearance and price of the product, but ignore the problem of after-sales service of the product. Home lighting online shop does not necessarily have the physical store. Sending the lamps back to the merchant will incur a lot of logistics costs. Therefore, after-sales service is also an issue that we need to consider when we buy lamp. Different home lighting online stores provide different after-sales services for lamps, and even the same merchant provides different after-sales services for different lamps and different parts of the lamps.

3. To buy lamp, you need to be cautious about the inspection

After receiving the lamps purchased from the home lighting online store, check the logistics packaging and product packaging. The product packing list should be checked clearly. First of all, consumers must make sure that the packaging is not damaged before opening the logistics packaging. After opening the box, they must do a careful inspection: confirm that the product brand and model in the packaging are consistent with their online orders, and check whether the appearance is brand new. If there is a packing list, make sure that the products in the package correspond to the packing list, and there can be no defects. Be careful not to be too rushed, install it excitedly after receiving the lamp; don't be too slow, put it up after receiving it, and until it is used to find the problem.

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