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High Quality Materials:

We only use high-standard and environmentally friendly materials to ensure that our furniture is safe, comfortable, durable, and even luxurious


Genuine leather: We only use Genuine Top Grain Leather and full Aniline Leather imported from Brazil, and we have obtained 100% customer satisfaction in past 15 years;

Solid wood: We only use top grade wood without Knot that has been dried to ensure our furniture has a good appearance without cracking and deformation during use.

Foam: We only use high-quality Foam with high-density to ensure that our chairs and sofas still exhibit good wrapping and resilience after long-time use. We can also use different fire-resistant Foam (BS5852 or CA117) according to customer requirements ;

Other materials and accessories are also based on high-standard solutions;


Professional Product Design

The selection and determination of every size, specification of every material, every angle and other details are our commitment to provide customers with high-quality furniture

Before developing each product, we will professionally design the appearance, structure, function, material selection and other details of the product, and finally choose the best production plan to ensure that the product is beautiful, comfortable, safe, and durable. Easy to produce, quality is controllable.


Excellent Workmanship:

Advanced equipment combined with fine workmanship to produce perfect products


In order to ensure the production of our carefully designed product plan, we only choose the process that best reflects the characteristics of the product for production, although some processes are difficult (such as stitch by hands); and in key production positions, we only choose the Masters with rich experience and high sense of responsibility; at the same time, we continue to upgrade production equipment and processes to continuously improve quality and efficiency.


Strong Production Management and Quality Control

A clean and tidy production environment and strict production management combined with effective quality control ensure that everything goes smoothly

We have formulated strict quality standards and control procedures, as well as a strong production management system. And effectively integrate quality control into the actual production process, every step from raw materials to finished products is checked, and any unfavorable factors are corrected in time to ensure that the final customer can get the correct and perfect product.


Professional and Safe Packaging Solutions

Packaging materials and methods are both very important for customers receive good products

We choose safe and environmentally friendly packaging materials, and adopt reasonable packaging solutions for different products and transportation conditions, so that the products are effectively protected during transportation, and the packaging size is reduced as much as possible to save freight.

Sincere and Enthusiastic Customer Service

Passing our happiness to every customer is also what we want to do

Whether it is a large or small order, we will answer all questions for customers with a sincere and enthusiastic service attitude, and help customers make the right choice based on our experience.

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