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  • Some Knowledge About USB Table Light



    The use of USB desk lamps is very simple. Most of these desk lamps are miniature, small and exquisite. Every desk lamp has a USB interface, which can be directly connected to a computer and a mobile power supply. The light of the desk lamp is soft and will not harm human eyes, and there are two switches to adjust the brightness.

  • The Choice of Bedside Lamps and Their Lighting Effect



    In home lighting, speaking of importance, in addition to living room lamps, bedroom lamps are also an important part. Among the bedrooms, the bedroom bedside lamp is more important. The lighting of that small space, suitable lamps and lanterns can not only reflect the owner's taste and aesthetics, but also bring a peaceful rest atmosphere. Light can affect people's sleep most.

  • The Difference Between Shop Lamp and Home Lamp



    Shop lamp and household lamp have different characteristics and differences due to different application places. Shop lamp is mainly used for shop lighting, hotel lighting, supermarket lighting, etc., and is mainly used for lighting of space environments for commercial applications. Shop lamp mainly includes ceiling spotlight, downlight, recessed spotlight, wall washer spotlight, etc. Home lamp is home furnishing and belongs to the category of furniture. It mainly refers to the lighting fixture used for home decoration. Home lamp includes stylized decorative chandelier, ceiling lamp, kitchen and bathroom lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, and household downlight products.

  • The Difference Between Office Furniture and Home Furniture



    Furniture can be divided into office furniture and home furniture according to its purpose. These two types of furniture products have great differences in design, style, structure, color, and function. Therefore, the key content that needs to be paid attention to in the purchase process will also be different, and the purchase of office furniture is definitely more difficult than the purchase of home furniture.

  • Matters Needing Attention for Office Furniture Online Shopping



    Online shopping has become an inseparable part of modern people's lives, and they usually buy clothes online and buy office furniture at online office furniture stores. In order to avoid some of the troubles of online shopping, pay attention to the following issues when buying office furniture online.

  • What Are the Home Light Types?



    Everyone is pursuing higher quality of life. A lamp is one of the home furniture type. Many people's home lamps not only carry the mission of lighting, but also change the atmosphere and make the home more beautiful, etc. So in the face of all kinds of lamps, how should one choose the lamps as one of the home furniture types? What are the home light types?

  • How to Avoid the Risk in Home Furnishing Online Shopping?



    With the development of e-commerce, furniture has also been purchased online. At present, a large number of professional home furniture online shops have emerged. According to incomplete statistics, the furniture online shopping market has reached 15 billion yuan last year and will continue to maintain rapid growth this year. So how can consumers avoid the risks in home online shopping?

  • Matters Needing Attention for Custom Office Furniture



    Due to the wide variety of office furniture types and styles, it is very important to choose office furniture that suits the company's taste in custom office furniture. It is also important to choose good quality furniture so that it will be used for a long time and will not be too severely worn. So what are the precautions for custom office furniture?

  • Matters Needing Attention for Custom Home Furniture



    Nowadays, custom home furniture has become a mode of home decoration. It quickly responds to the needs of individual customers with low-cost and agile operations. It has the tendency to replace traditional custom-made furniture. So what are the precautions for custom home furniture?

  • Notes for Buying Office Furniture



    When many customers plan to buy office furniture, because there are many types of office furniture and they lack knowledge in this area, they are unable to start. In fact, as long as they understand the following points, they can purchase suitable office furniture smoothly.