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How to Identify the Original Eames Lounge Chair?

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Chairs are not just usual seating devices. Many people will at least realize that some chairs have a much better layout, and some chairs are more attractive than others. Some people also realize that different chairs have different levels of quality. Some chairs are durable, carefully crafted, and durable, while many others are disposable items made of cheaper materials. Obviously, there are thousands of different chairs, each with its specific application. Some chairs are made for occasional use, so people perhaps care more about their appearance than relaxing function. Other chairs, such as restaurant chairs, are usually more functional than stylish.

The Eames lounge chair is one of the most important designs of the 20th century. The Eames lounge chairs pair fine fabrics or leather with molded wood. The Eames lounge chair consists of a molded wooden shell filled with detachable cushions. A medal is printed on the bottom of the Eames lounge chair to show authenticity. The Eames lounge chairs, are suitable for living spaces, reception areas and administrative offices. So they are offen chosen as home furnishing and office funiture. So how do we identify the original Eames lounge chair?

1. Check the reclining function of the Eames lounge chair

One of the features that makes the Eames lounge chair so comfortable is that the chair is permanently tilted back. The Eames lounge chair is designed to reduce the weight on the lower back and spine. The Eames lounge chair is designed to enable users to rest in a reclining position without any adjustment. If a similar chair has a tilt mechanism to adjust the tilt, this is a major clue that it is not a real Eames work.

2. Look for details on the label and shell of the Eames lounge chair

Each original Eames lounge chair is marked with one of several different types of paper tags. Some labels indicate that the chair is manufactured by Herman Miller, while others provide patent information. The label is located under the cushion or under the chair. However, over time, these types of labels may be removed or fall off for some reason.

Two other important details on the shell can help you determine whether the chair is genuine: there should be no exposed screws in the three molded plywood shells that make up the outer body of the chair. Check the number of plywood layers used to build the shell. The old-fashioned chair has five floors, while the modern version has seven floors.

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